Separators 1..[lines that say something]

Separators 2..[lines that say something]

Separators 3..[separator lines with leaves]

Separators 4..[separators lines w/leaves and trees, ribbon]

Separators 5..[separator lines with leaves and branches]

Separators 6..[lines with flowers and Canadian maple leaf]

Separators 7..[decorative separators some in gold metal format]

Separators 8..[decorative separators]

Separators 9..[decorative separators]

Separators 10..[lines that say something, genealogy train]

Separators 11..[lines of flowers and crosshatch separators]

Separators 12..[decorative separators]

Separators 13..[floral and filligree decorative separators]

Separators 14..[hearts-americana, bar lines, pen & ink].

Separators 15..[filigree separator lines]

Separators 16..[red, white and blue banner bars]

Separators 17..[filigree separator lines]

Separators 18..[rose bouquet separator, leaf wreath and leaf separator]

Separators 19..[filigree separator lines]

Separators 20..[filigree separator lines]

Separators 21..[decorative separator lines in several colors]

Separators 22..[filigree separator lines]

Separators 23..[large decorative "jewel" separators]

Separators 24.. [crosshatch separators]

Separators 25.. [small separator boughs of leaves]

Separators 26.. [separators with a leaf motif.]

Separators 27.. [thin gold line, double gold line, gold chain, red, green and blue separators]

Separators 28. [soft design separators in several colors]

Separators 29. [filligree design of black and gray in several sizes]

Separators 30. [feather and ink line, people hand in hand, gold leaves]

Separators 31. [contemporary straight lines with 3 small square buttons.  5 colors]

Separators 32. [filigree style seperators.  10 colors]

Separators 33. [filigree style seperators.  10 colors]

Lacy Separators..



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