.Miscellaneous and Flowers..

Miscellaneous 1...[look-up sign, covered wagon, jewel box, microfilm, hope chest, copper kettle, teapot, jewel box]

Miscellaneous 2..["lazy days", schoolbell, flowers, birdbath, candle holders, ballot box, pedigree symbol]

Miscellaneous 3..[old bicycle, old fashioned lady's boot, flower cart, laurel wreath logo, flowers, under construction]

Miscellaneous 4..[hatrack, straw hat, teddy bear, clock, radio, animated gavel & block, zip disk, flowers, water well]

Miscellaneous 5..[roses]

Miscellaneous 6..[more roses]

Miscellaneous 7. [Saguaro cactus, barrel cactus, cactus clump, octilla, prickly pear, & southwest scene line]

Miscellaneous 8..[large cameos]

Miscellaneous 9..[smaller cameos and framed silhouettes]

Miscellaneous 10.[smaller cameos in different frames and framed silhouettes]

Miscellaneous 11..[windowboxes, "A Stitch in Time" patch quilt, and calendar]

Miscellaneous 12..[oceanliner and sailing ship in several formats.]

Miscellaneous 13..[another sailing ship in several formats.]

Miscellaneous 14..[more roses.]

Miscellaneous 15..[another sailing ship in several formats.]

Miscellaneous 16..[camelia in different colors.]


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