.My Honor Policy.
"terms of use"

Please Read Entire Page
before capturing graphics.
It will save you time in the long run and I won't have to write and ask you to
amend your web pages. You have no idea how many people I have to write each
week because they didn't read this page, They then have to start editing their pages.

AOL Users
Please, do not capture and display graphics from Rhio's Sampler
unless you are willing to follow the steps to decompressing your settings.  AOL compresses
my graphics so much that they look blurry, distorted, and the browser replaces the original extention. 
In other words, my graphics are
automatically altered This violates my "terms of use".
See the AOL and Earthlink Accelerator warning at the bottom of the page.

Do not take Rhio's Sampler Website Graphics
Backgrounds and graphics for this and other pages of Rhio's Sampler,
both bordered and tiled, in other words all the graphics I use for MY own website, belong to "Rhio's Sampler".   Please do not capture them.
Graphics for your use can be found on the "Graphics Index" page,
but before you can capture any of the them you must read on.

Very Important
(Terms of Use)

My graphics are not for sale by anyone or business, to any one or any business for any reason at any time. I created them, I own them and their use, in any way, is determined by me and only me.
Most of my graphics are signed with:                This signature should be clearly visible.

Do not alter my graphics. Do not shrink, enlarge, skew or stretch my graphics.
Do not include my graphics in any collage or grouping of your own creation.
You may
not create a new graphic using any part of my graphics as a part of your graphic.
My graphics are
not to be archived for any reason.
My graphics shall stand alone as they were created.
If you decide to display my graphics on your site, you shall download them to your own hard drive then upload them to your own internet site.

You may "mix and match" my graphics if you wish.  I do not insist that my ensembles stay together.
There will be a charge for the use of my graphics on commercial websites.
Please see: License Fee and Agreement
If you want a graphic in a different color, size, or lettering, I will do the editing for a charge.
If you would like some of my graphics grouped together in a collage, let me know which graphics and I will do the editing for a charge.
My "free to use" graphics are for those willing to abide by these "terms of use".
my graphics shall not appear on any website that illustrates sexual violence, nudity, pornography, illicit violence against others especially children, foul or suggestive language and any other immoral acts that demean individual persons.
If you have any questions about what any of this means, ask me first before doing anything.

If you cannot or will not abide by my terms of use,
PLEASE do not capture my graphics and use them.
AOL users please continue to the bottom of the page.


Learn Good Internet Etiquette

Most artists on the web have a "terms of use" policy.
If you are not sure about a graphic, do not use it.  Just move on.
Do not download graphics from another's website. 
Go to the website of the artist who created them. 
This will give you the "terms of use" information you need.

All rights reserved under United States and International Copyright Conventions. No part of this web site or the items displayed within may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including printing, photocopying and displaying, without the written permission of the author.
Address all inquires to:  Rhio Gillis

Using the "Free to Use" grahics from
Rhio's Sampler is as simple as 1-2-3.

Post a logo on EACH and EVERY page of your website in which "Rhio's Sampler" graphics AND/OR backgrounds appear or use a legible text  link on each page.
Register your site with "Rhio's Sampler" by sending in the http:// address of your website.
Link the logo to this URL. http://www.rhiossampler.net

If you understand and are ready to view my graphics,
you may click on the index button.  Doing so means that you have
read this entire page and agree to abide by the terms set out here.

AOL Users
Please see the following page before downloading graphics

People using Earthlink's "Accelerator"

It must be disabled or set at the lowest setting before graphics will appear correctly.

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