Bordered Backgrounds

NOTE: Bordered backgrounds require a single cell table that is RIGHT justified.
Most of my backgrounds use a 78 to 85% table, depending on the width of the border;
but some might be larger and some smaller.
<div ALIGN=right><table BORDER=0 COLS=1 WIDTH="83%" >
Before doing anything to a page, create a table.
Next, insert EVERYTHING that is going on that page inside the table.
This way, nothing crosses over your left border line.

Backgrounds 1..[ Textured borders in dark colors with separators.]

Backgrounds 2..[ stripe pastel border of white background with cameo girl.]

Backgrounds 3..[ Misty leaves and catkins on a white background.]

Backgrounds 4..[ tree branches with a few leaves left on the tree in green and autumn colors]

Backgrounds 5..[ ethnic design in several medium colors]

Backgrounds 6.[ ethnic design in dark border and white paper]

Backgrounds 7..[ ethnic lace design in several colors on beige background]

Backgrounds 8..[ an embossed design with separator included. Several muted colors.]

Backgrounds 9..[ narrow leaf pattern w/ separator]

Backgrounds 10..[ narrow Hardinger pattern border in several pastel colors ]

Backgrounds 11..[ Red, white and blue backgrounds for military or American  webpages.]

More bordered backgrounds under Gen Papers


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