Author's Notes   

Webpage Design takes some knowledge and resources.  I do not have the time to help everyone who asks for my help, but I do have a website that is a very comprehensive resource for everything you need in building your pages from html to graphics.

is used for depth but used on a medium to dark background, it will most often change the appearance of a graphic, altogether. 
When selecting graphics, take note of those with a shadow.  [example 1].  Fade outs are sometimes a problem, too.  [example 2]

Shadowed graphics will often look messy and unattractive on your webpages.  Fade outs show up too vividly.  These two types of graphics should only be used on white, light yellow and light gray backgrounds and possibly on very light pastels of another color.   You need to "test" your graphics by viewing your html pages before uploading them to your site. 

Bordered backgrounds require a single cell table that is right justified. 
Most of my bordered backgrounds use a 78 to 86% table but some are larger and some smaller depending on the width of the border.

<div ALIGN=right><table BORDER=0 COLS=1 WIDTH="83%" >

Before doing anything to a page, create a right justified table.  Next, create everything that is going on that page inside the table.  This way, nothing crosses over your left border line.  You can then use your center, right and left alignment within the table.  It keeps your pages looking neat and people aren't trying to read what is printed over the border.

I hope you find these tips helpful.



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